About the TMA Project

Our intention is to create a better-connected community, with more access and greater commute options. 

Our TMA Partnership 

The Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC) and the Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) have worked in partnership to evaluate the impacts of growth in the Downtown and Medical districts on parking, access, and mobility networks. Recognizing that current travel behaviors will create considerable new travel and parking demand as development continues, the DMC and MMDC seek to develop a transportation management association (TMA) to coordinate transportation demand management (TDM) efforts on behalf of the employers, employees, students, residents, patients, and visitors in their service areas.   

The geographic boundaries of the TMA align with the CBID and Medical District Boundaries. In the geography of the DMC and MMDC, the TMA would serve a familiar set of stakeholders, whose needs are well-established. With the recent and planned growth forecasted in these districts, the demand for transportation services will intensify. A TMA that concentrates its efforts in this service area stands to have a greater impact than one that is diffused more regionally.

Our Mission

Our TMA supports growth, community health, and economic vitality in Downtown Memphis and the Memphis Medical District by coordinating transportation demand management (TDM) efforts on behalf of employers, employees, residents, students, patients, and visitors and by providing equitable mobility options that connect people to jobs, housing, health care, education, entertainment, and other opportunities.

Our Vision

Our TMA is a recognizable and invaluable resource, convening a diverse and committed base of members and stakeholders to facilitate a growing, healthy, equitable, and prosperous Downtown Memphis and Memphis Medical District that is connected and accessed by convenient and attractive multimodal options.

Partnership and Community

The TMA’s organization structure is key to setting the path toward achieving the above mission, vision, and goals. Our TMA partnership was created with primary input from the Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC) and Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) and included conversations with community partners, including the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), Shelby County Health Department (Memphis Area Rideshare), Innovate Memphis (Commute Options), Greater Memphis Chamber, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).   Each organizational option was assessed for its potential for effective TMA development, with the DMC’s Downtown Mobility Authority demonstrating the strongest results

Contact Us:

Want to know more? You can reach us via email at memphistma@gmail.com, or by reaching out to Brett Roler at the Downtown Memphis Commission or Lauren Crabtree at the Memphis Medical District Collaborative.

Memphis TMA Partners

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