Why We Need a
Transportation Management Association

We want to create a program that works! Tell us what matters to you!

What is a TMA?

A “Transportation Management Association” (TMA) is a partnership between businesses, institutions, and organizations working in tandem to create a better network of transportation (and parking) solutions and expanding knowledge of alternatives to commuting in a single-occupant vehicle. (This process is known as “transportation demand-management.”)

One of the biggest challenges facing both employers and employees when deciding to make a commuting change is knowing how to do it. Our TMA will provide and promote up-to-date transportation options and solutions to help employers and employees find ways to make the switch to commuting options. Our goal is to help our community see these options as legitimate, long-term, convenient, and cost-effective solutions.

Trolly on Main Street in Memphis.

What it does for people

TMAs provide options! No matter what your motivation is — saving the planet, saving money on gas and/or parking, or just dedicating a few more minutes to your favorite book, knitting project, etc. — a TMA can help by providing information on shared transportation options, bike lanes and more!

What it does for infrastructure

TMAs work to improve existing and provide new infrastructure so when employees do want to change their commuting habits, it’s as easy as possible for them to find options that work and stick with them!

What it does for business

TMAs allow businesses to pool their resources to support commuter transportation strategies and can act in an advocacy role with local government on behalf of its membership. TMAs help businesses solve parking challenges & recruit and retail high-quality talent. 

Scooters and bikes.

TMAs play a key role in defining and implementing TDM programs to create a better community-wide system. Some of those programs include:

  • Reducing Single occupancy vehicle (SOV) commuter trip – and promoting alternative options
  • Creating more efficient allocation of parking resources
  • Reducing peak-period traffic levels
  • Helping to shift traffic to off-peak periods

TMAs are designed to be flexible, responsive, and to work in the best interest of all their community stakeholders.

Why does a TMA matter to Memphis? And to me?

A TMA will provide financial savings to both employees and businesses, reduce traffic congestion and commute times, alleviate many parking problems, support the development of walkable mixed-use neighborhoods, and reduce pollution emissions. A TMA can also help you find a more efficient way to commute.

People riding a trolley.

A TMA can provide solutions to save you money, free up your commute time, lower your stress level, increase your amount of daily exercise, and more.

Example: the average cost of gasoline, maintenance, and insurance for a mid-sized car is more than $8,000 per year for the average commuter. And that is before parking costs and registration!

Give Feedback

As we build our TMA, we want to make sure it works for our community! Help us to get it right by using the interactive map to show us where you live, where you work, and your other important commute points. Then take our quick survey to share a little more about your current commute habits and what matters most to you.

Memphis TMA Partners

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